We manage an opportunistic private equity portfolio which is structured and operated as a fund of funds. The portfolio is predominantly invested in private equity funds of top tier players in the corporate buy-out area. In addition, the portfolio is invested in a well considered selection of smaller funds and first-time funds in the mid cap sector. The portfolio however maintains sufficient space for attractive co-investment opportunities.

The equity committed is only invested in companies with superior management. Equity is committed to a variety of situations, including leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth investments to fund for acquisition or expansion. We only partner with the best managers in a given industry or with other pre-eminent investors. By leveraging the capabilities of our proprietary research, industry knowledge and access to management, we aim to generate superior returns through useful insight and cross-fertilization.

We believe that the current changes taking place in the investment industry can be harnessed by experienced leaders with the vision and fortitude to pioneer new applications and business strategies. The timely execution of these opportunities requires a capital source that intrinsically understands the issues facing its respective industry. Private equity’s vast network of strategic relationships provides management teams with access to industry visionaries, strategic partners, and proprietary deal knowledge to exploit these opportunities.

The investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by committing equity to top tier high-quality managers or sponsors. Our private equity portfolio is very well diversified across several regions and businesses. The portfolio is invested in generalist and specialist funds and has the ability to make co-investments alongside these sponsors.