Thursday, 11 October 2018

Court Approval of Settlement and Dismissal of Charges with Prejudice:

The Court of Antwerp (Belgium) has today approved the settlement that was proposed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Antwerp and accepted by Louis Reijtenbagh and his family. The court approval brings a definitive and all-embracing end to the overall dispute with the Belgian authorities that concerned domicile-related tax and ancillary issues which had allegedly occurred over a decade ago.

The arrangement provides a final and complete resolution of the abovementioned dispute, which does not constitute any conviction, nor any finding or admission of guilt, wrongdoing or misconduct whatsoever. Louis Reijtenbagh and his family have at all times expressly denied and formally disputed all allegations. The settlement stems from the wish to put an end to the burdens and costs of litigation. The settlement results in the discontinuance of the entire prosecution whereby all charges are dismissed with prejudice. Therefore, the matter has now been closed permanently.

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